What is RejuvaSeal?

RejuvaSeal® (www.rejuvaseal.com) is the world’s leading asphalt rejuvenator. It is a revolutionary product made from coal tar, aromatic oils, and specialty solvents. It contains no water. The solvents enable RejuvaSeal to penetrate into the surface of the asphalt and resolve the binder’s composition. This makes the asphalt more flexible and less prone to cracking. RejuvaSeal is also a very effective sealer that is fuel, water and chemical resistant.

RejuvaSeal has been tested extensively and has earned a solid reputation for backing its performance claims. It has restored over 5,000,000 square yards of asphalt throughout the United States and around the world. It is one of the leading asphalt rejuvenators specifically used on both nationally and international airfields. In fact, RejuvaSeal was the first and only asphalt rejuvenator to meet the FAA new performance specifications P-632.


RejuvaSeal will be of special interest to owners and managers of large properties that have significant amounts of asphalt to maintain. They’ll appreciate the…

  • three year warranty
  • significant returns on maintenance costs
  • lowest cost solution for extending the life of asphalt assets
  • quality raw materials specifically formulated to be safe for trained applicators
  • positive tests for air quality for outdoor applications by third party insurance providers
Given RejuvaSeal’s time-tested performance and outstanding curb appeal, many owners and managers of substantial properties will be in the market for this product.