Advantages of Joining the RejuvaSeal USA Distributor Network


Better Marketing

With advertisements, brochures, web content, e-mail campaigns all customized to your business and focused on and targeted to the best potential new customers in your territory.


More Sales

Our goal is to expand your market, explore new profit opportunities, and generate new leads. We help you facilitate contracts and close more deals.

Technical Support

Via e-mail, phone or in person, you receive training and support in equipment operation, product application, safety procedures and the product line.

Equipment Financing

We’ll assist you in expanding your product line by financing the equipment and products you need to do the job.

Leverage Existing Assets

We offer creative, cost effective ways to help you make extra income with the equipment and warehouse space you own but don’t use.

Improve Your Bottom Line

With higher margins from single coats, repeat business due to improved performance, new business due to increased marketing and available financing, an improved bottom line is inevitable.