The RejuvaSeal USA Network is all about marketing resources. Rather than hand off a distributorship with specific purchase requirements and then disappear, our professional team will help you develop an ideal customer target list for your market place. No one else in the industry is offering customized marketing solutions designed to attract larger customers for their distributors.

Our number one goal is to help make our distributors more profitable! Every one of our distributors will get a customized web page profiling the distributor and their exclusive territory, as well as other tailored information and promotional materials designed to build credibility and enhance the brand.

As a member the RejuvaSeal USA Network, distributors will have the opportunity to participate in contracts developed by Asphalt Pavement Technologies (APT). APT is the Pittsburgh, PA based master distributor established to develop national customer accounts. If a national account is located in a distributor’s territory, that distributor will be given the option to execute the contract.

Members of the RejuvaSeal USA Distributor Network will receive valuable assistance in contract negotiation, generation and facilitation. This is especially beneficial when you start to take on larger clients and more complicated jobs. The power of our strategic partnership, and the marketing support system we’ve put in place, will ensure the constant growth of your business, as well as brisk sales of RejuvaSeal.