RejuvaSeal contains solvents that soften the surface of asphalt. It’s very important that the product is properly applied; therefore each distributor needs training in application methods and rates. RejuvaSeal is classified as a controlled substance under HAZMAT regulations. Certified RejuvaSeal distributors need to pass a series of courses designed to familiarize applicators with the laws and regulations for shipping and handling the chemical. Follow this link for the DGI on-line training courses.

In the industry, RejuvaSealUSA is renowned for our knowledge of asphalt rejuvenation. Given that the condition of asphalt will vary from job to job, questions will develop regarding whether or not rejuvenation with RejuvaSeal is an option. Our experts are available to answer any job specific questions and will offer recommendations for how to proceed. The Rejuvaseal USA Network will share distributor experiences, which will add to the collective gross knowledge of its membership. Our team will welcome, value and share ongoing input and feedback from the distributors.